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"A Parenting Seminar" on DVD

Dear Parent,

I am excited to offer this DVD series on Christian parenting.  I believe this tool will help meet some needs in hundreds of our G.C.A.C. families. 

This series is not a studio production.  It is a live recording of a parenting seminar we gave in May of 2004, at Summitview Community Church.  Over 200 parents came together for that Saturday and it was a great time. This seminar was about my 60th time presenting this teaching, and my prayer is that these DVD’s will help strengthen hearts and strengthen willpower, in hundreds of fathers and mothers.

I am also happy to offer this tool for several other reasons:

  We recognize that many people just don’t read that much, but they might take time to work through a DVD.

2.  Also, much of the spirit of these twelve chapters is aimed at the hearts of fathers.  A lot of this instruction is for you men.

  These messages lift up and magnify the local church.  Although we did home school, the instruction here is for people that believe in the New Testament Church, in God’s “community of the faithful.”  Oftentimes parenting tools seem to ignore the critical importance of the church. These chapters do not. 

  Throughout this series we trumpet how vitally important it is to be involved in the Great Commission.  I do not believe that we can successfully train and release our youth apart from understanding this last mission that our Lord left us with.  Many parenting tools ignore this mission.  We do not.

  Also, a lot of these chapters are aimed at parenting teenagers.  And parenting, training and releasing teens is the juncture we are at, in this movement.  While there is much for parents of toddlers and young children, I spend a good amount of time speaking to the heart of a parent of a 14-year-old. 

And maybe my last reason for believing in these messages is that I am still teamed with the same people that God used to see us saved many years ago.  This material is what you all taught me.  It is an honor to be linked with the people of God. 

Our cost for producing this tool is about $20 per package.  If you are interested you may email me and we will ship you a set.  rickatgcnw@aol.com

Keep pressing, Rick Whitney

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"Growing Up Whitney"

Dear Parent,

We wrote a book! Growing up Whitney is primarily a testimony of how one Christian family has tried to live out this Great Commission life.

Parenting is hard work! That’s why I wrote. I wanted to help fellow dads, many of whom I may never meet, to be the best dads they can possibly be. I’ve tried to fill the book with some of the most important lessons I have learned and shared, across this country.

On the back cover I ask the question, “How can you ensure that you pass on to your children your passion for following the Lord and the advancement of His Kingdom?” Throughout these pages I try to answer this fundamental question.

I hope you are encouraged by the book. We had fun doing it, though it was a big challenge, kind of an adventure.  I want to make you a personal promise. “I will send your money back -  if you are not deeply encouraged.”

I think it will make you smile at times, as well as inspire. As one brother said to me, “This is probably the most important parenting book written by a G.C.A.C. pastor this year.”  What he went on to say was, of course, that it was the only one written.

I want to offer this book at a reduced rate to folks that attend one of our team of churches. If you send us a check for $15, made out to Great Commission Plains, I will send you a copy. As simple as that.

Mail your check to:
Great Commission Plains

700 N Meadow Lane
Stillwater, OK 74075

If you do not attend a GCAC church, but would still like a copy, I would be happy to send you one for the cover price of $19.95. This is still a great value.

Keep pressing, Rick Whitney